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Aficio 1075

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General Features

 One Pass Duplex scanning

 True 1,200 DPI resolution

 8,300 sheet capacity

 100-sheet Automatic Document Feeder

 Scan Once, Print Many

 Scan and print at 75 images per minute

 Professional finishing capabilities including cover stock, tab extension copying, chapters, collating, numbering, stamping, multiple position stapling, saddle-stitching and hole punching

 Large, user friendly Touch Panel Display

Copier Features

 75 PPM

 Optional Interposer allows covers or special pages to be inserted anywhere within your documents

 Document Server technology for online storage

 Professional finishing capabilities

Printer Features

 1,200 dpi 75 PPM

 PCL5e/PCL6 standard fully compatible with all major PC applications

 Works with Windows 9x, ME, 2000, NT 4.0 and XP

 Optional Adobe PostScript module for advanced applications and Macintosh OS

Scanner Features

 75 images per minute (scan to e-mail, scan to file)

 600 DPI optical resolution

Scan to Email feature enables the scanning of hard copy documents directly to e-mail

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